Craft Ideas for Seniors in Assisted Living

arts and crafts for seniors

Crafts are an excellent resource for assisted living homes.

Arts and Crafts help with depression; activities like knitting, puzzles, and painting cause the natural anti-depressant dopamine to be released into the brain. This helps seniors, especially those with depression, feel better naturally.

Crafts are confidence-builders, too. They give people a sense of pride, accomplishment, and goals they can achieve.

When choosing projects, remember that residents have difficulty with crafts that require high levels of dexterity or strength. It’s best to look for a wide range of crafts, so that residents may find at least one or two activities they enjoy.

Here are five 5 craft ideas that can’t go wrong.


Painting doesn’t require high levels of dexterity or muscle strength. Painting can also be a creative outlet, which is perfect for seniors living in assisted living.

Watercolor and acrylic paints are ideal for seniors due to their vibrant colors and ease of use, along with canvases that can either be used on flat surfaces or mounted on easels. 

Knitting and Crochet

Knitting and crochet are popular crafts among all ages, but they are especially good for seniors. Knitting touches on many cornerstones of seniors’ physical, social and mental needs.

These are repetitive activities, which are soothing to the mind. It can also be a social activity which helps with isolation and memory.


Collages stimulates the mind, improving memory in the process.

Best of all, collages can be easily sourced with a range of inexpensive materials. Theses include personal photographs ,magazine cut outs, discarded books, fabric scraps, and everything in between.

This is a fantastic social activity that seniors can do with their families.


Result-based projects are instrumental for seniors because they build confidence and a sense of purpose.


Start with simple sewing projects like basic pillow cases, blankets, doll clothes, or even onesies for the grand kids. Fabric and materials can be sourced from many different areas, making this a budget-friendly project as well.