Meet YouTube’s Favorite Crafters

youtube craft channels

Just years ago, learning crafts meant buying a book and working out complicated patterns yourself. Or finding a class or family member to teach you. Today, we can learn how to do almost any craft thanks to YouTube craft channels.

If you’re itching to find a new craft to take on, these five YouTube craft channels can teach you all in the comfort of your own home.

Así O Más Fácil

By far one of the most popular crafters on YouTube, Pau has over 2 million subscribers. She tackles everything from cute hand-crafted erasers to slime.

There’s no telling what she’ll be creating on any given day, but one thing is for sure, you’ll find it easy to follow along and create your own DIY items with her warm and enthusiastic personality.


SoCraftastic is a spectacular YouTuber on all things crafty. Sarah offers tutorials on everything from painting with play-doh to drawing on water.

You will never be bored with her incredible selection of arts and crafts. Her instructions are simple to follow, and with 1.9 million subscribers, she is one of the best YouTube craft channels on the platform.

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

If you’re looking for more traditional crafts than creating mini-swords or building your own headphones, Julie is your girl.

She can show you how to make your scrap books more beautiful, walk you through your first art journal, and so much more. Julie focuses on paper crafts, so you can expect to learn more classic crafts with her, all thoroughly explained so you’re never stumped on what to do next.

Paper Guru

Have you ever gotten a gift that was so beautifully wrapped you almost didn’t want to unwrap it? Perhaps you thought to yourself that person has way too much time on their hands, while simultaneously, vowing to wrap your own presents just as good next year.

If this is you, take a look at the Paper Guru. She will have you wrapping presents like a pro in no time. Next holiday, you’ll be the one whose presents are all over Instagram before they’ve even been opened.

Macrame School

If your interests are centered on making your own jewelry, Macrame School might be just the channel for you. With just a few beads and some string, you can create hundreds of beautiful and unique designs.

With these easy guides, you can create anything from bracelets and earrings to full on wall hangings.

No matter what craft you’re hoping to learn, there’s a YouTuber online to show you the ropes. Save money on classes, put your feet up, and watch these wonderfully creative crafters teach you how to become a pro in no time.