Easy Arts and Crafts Marketing Tips for Beginners

arts and crafts marketing

Many of us enjoy creating cards, jewelry, ceramics, and other types of functional and decorative crafts. Then there’s the ‘a-ha!’ moment that proves our personal crafts may have consumer value as well. That may be where our journey starts, but how do we reach customers looking for the type of crafts we make?

The answer? Arts and crafts marketing. Here’s a rundown of marketing tips every beginner needs in their marketing toolbox.

Create Your Own Website

First and foremost, you need an official website that introduces your product to the masses. This will give you a chance to demo and discuss the purpose of your product, but also the overall mission of your company. As an added bonus, if people buy directly from you, you won’t have to share a portion of the profits with an online marketplace.

Even if you plan to generate sales from other platforms, an official website can help draw in traffic that leads to even more sales.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Crafts are already a hit on Instagram and Pinterest, so that should be your starting point. Your next question should be, ‘what makes my crafts stand out from a sea of homemade coasters, blankets, and birdhouses?

This is where your brainstorming skills come in. Use bubble charts and free drawing to come up with a clever social media marketing strategy that encourages people to engage with your content.

Don’t forget to start a Facebook (a staple of any SMM strategy) and Twitter to showcase your work and communicate with potential customers to generate sales.

Start an Etsy Store

While you’ll have to fork over some of your hard-earned cash to leverage marketplace platforms, they make up for it by generating more interest in your work. Etsy allows users who regularly shop to see, save, and share your work, increasing your exposure and online visibility.

Don’t forget, Etsy is full of aspiring professional crafters. If you plan on using Etsy as your primary platform, consider taking advantage of its promoted listing features and built-in Google advertising.

Create a Crafting Tutorial

Many don’t appreciate the time and skill it takes to become a crafter until seeing it in action. That’s what makes craft tutorials such a powerful strategy for arts and crafts marketing.

Plus, top craft channels on YouTube enjoy millions of views and subscribers, the perfect starting point for an influencer marketing strategy.  A crafting tutorial can draw attention to your inventory and help connect you with fellow crafters who may have tips of their own!

Start an Email List

Offering discounts, contests, and valuable advice on crafting is a great way to get repeat customers. Add a mailing list to your personal website, and occasionally remind your followers on social media that it’s available if they’re interested. You may want to consider adding a pop-up lightbox to your website to promoting your list as well.

An email list can generate a great deal of extra income—just be sure the content ratio is 10% sales pitch and 90% useful information that has value. This is also known as the 90/10 rule. For example, content that shows customers how to take care of your product type is an example of valuable information.

What’s the biggest takeaway here? Value. The job of your art marketing strategy is to show your target base that your craft impacts their life in a positive, or even necessary, way.

Bonus Arts and Crafts Marketing tips: Craft Fairs!

Looking to break into craft fairs? These are essential for growing a craft brand. Don’t miss these mistakes to avoid to start your marketing off strong:

Creating your own arts and crafts marketing strategy can be just as fun as making the products themselves. Both require creativity and ingenuity. Start off with these beginner tips, and don’t forget to check back often for more tips and tricks to promote your one-of-a-kind creations!